ShinoBOT.ps1 is...

ShinoBOT is a simple malware simulator for pentesters.
It is a RAT/BOT/Backdoor/Trojan Simulator.
The executable version is published at
And here is the powershell version.

Who should uses ShinoBOT.ps1

The number of Powershell based attack is increasing, and most security solution can not detect them.

Security Engineers in organization

Do you think your security solutions or your security team are good enough to detect / handle the APT incident?

Yes --- You should try ShinoBOT.ps1.
No ---- You should try ShinoBOT.ps1.
Try ShinoBOT.ps1 to test the ability of your security equipment.

Security Vendors

Test your product's detection capability.
Can you detect powershell based attack?
Yes --- You can use ShinoBOT.ps1 for your product demonstration.
No --- Improve your product.


You can add a weapon on your arsenal.
ShinoBOT.ps1 do not required any licences, you can use it for a paid pentest service.

Security Hobbist, Student, PowerShell programmer

Get a better understanding of the power of the Powershell.

How to use

  1. Go to Download and copy the "Trigger" command
  2. Execute the command on the target machine (victim host).
  3. Go to C&C
  4. Log in
  5. Control your hosts

System Requirement